Equine Myofunctional Therapy


"Myo" means 'Muscle' and 'Muscles' are considered the "engine" of the horse giving them their locomotion and movement.  All motion produced by the muscle action and the ability to generate power is determined by the horses muscles and they are the most important components in the equine body.

Equine Myofunctional Therapy is the application of specific massage and stretching techniques focusing on the superficial muscles of the horse.  Whether your horse specializes in racing, pleasure riding, show jumping, or just backyard riding, horses have to endure a lot; for example: poor fitting saddles, unbalanced riders, sore or strained muscles, tissue damage or problems with their hoofs which in turn effects their muscles.

Without muscles, the horse would be unable to walk, chew and digest food and even swish his/her tail. 

Massage provides relief to people and horses of all ages, lifestyles and disciplines, weather they are competitive athletes or couch potatoes. Horses are elite athletes like football players, runners, swimmers etc who depend on massage before, during and after their event to warm up their muscles, get the blood circulating, and remove lactic acid. Massage therapy is used and relied upon by almost all athletes for ultimate performance.

Over 60% of the horses total body weight is muscle and muscles produce movement.  Horses have 2 layers of muscles, the superficial and the deep layer. The superficial muscles are the main muscles of movement and if the muscles are sore or damaged the horse has trouble moving freely.

Massage Therapy is a very safe and effective form of therapy. It is different to acupuncture and chiropractic work in that no mechanical devices, drugs or machinery is used. Massage therapy is performed only with the hands. Hands are the best form of treatment because you can feel whats happening under your hands and they can tell you what is happening under the horses skin.

Benefits of Equine Myofunctional Therapy are:

*Increased Circulation

*Improved Muscle Tone

*Improves Recovery Time

*Increased Flexibility

*Increased Muscle Suppleness

*Promotes Healing

*Removes Toxins

*Improved Performance

*Releases Endorphins

I am a fully qualified Equine Myofunctional Therapist, I am not a chiropractor, vet or farrier and massage should not be used as a substitute for proper Veterinary care for your horse, but can be used in conjunction with Veterinary Care. 







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