Our Equine Family

Bugger & Tequilla


Along with our Australian Cattle Dogs we are also owned by 3 horses.  'Bugger' a Thoroughbred Gelding, 'Tequilla' a Thoroughbred Mare and 'Slick' a Quarter Horse Gelding.


All our horses are 'Barefoot' and have been trained in 'Relaxation First - Natural Horsemanship'; they are very responsive, respectful and they are part of our family. 


'Bugger' was born in 1990 in Minnesota USA and is an ex-racehorse who raced for 6 years in Hong Kong.  Bugger has now been re-educated and re-trained to be a pleasure riding horse.  He was very easy to re-train and is a very respectful gentle giant at 16.6h.    


Our Thoroughbreds were a part of our wedding day on 20th March 2010, and due to all the training we have put into them, they were able to cope with a large crowd, loud music, flapping flags, cars, and unfamiliar surroundings with amazing calm.

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Jenni Hogan-Rees
Bacchus Marsh, VIC, Australia
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