Picture: Kangablue Ned (front) & Kangablue Max (rear)


Below are some Testimonials from Kangablue owners



Kangablue Tess


Owners: Jim & Margaret - NSW    



"Dear Jenni, Tess is all grown up now, rounded the sheep up at 14.5 weeks of age, comes off when Jim whistles to her, she is fantastic, lovely, makes friends with everyone, after she checks them over, she is a beautiful speckled blue with dark shades coming through. Tess is her father over again, we take her out every day down the farm, she loves water, plays with sprinklers etc and comes out soaked. Will send some photos of her when shes older. Tess has mastered the ute loves riding up front goes to sleep on Jim's knee. Kangablue Tess is so beautiful, loyal to us both, we get lots of enjoyment watching her play with her toys. She is a very intelligent girl picks things up quickly, happy, full of bounce all the time on the go, never a dull moment.  Thank you Jenni for a Kangablue Cattle pup we wish you all the best in breeding cattle dogs. Kangablue is tops. Cheerio Jim & Margaret."





Kangablue Punky Brewster

             Owners: Peter & Sarah - VIC

"Dear Jenni, Thank you for sending Punky's papers, she has settled in so well we can hardly believe it.  Murray and her are great friends and they play and wrestle non stop. We are certain too that she will be Top Dog. Murray lets her get away with all kinds of behaviour. He is so gentle with her when they wrestle, it is great to see him so happy with another dog - he has even started playing with all of his toys which he hasn't done before.  Thanks for everything Jenni, we are really pleased with her. Best wishes Sarah & Peter."





Kangablue Koiki & Kangablue Houdini

Owner: Peter - VIC




"Dear Jenni & Dave, Both Koiki and Houdini are doing well, Houdini just loves his big brother - they are great mates and are always playing together.  Having Houdini has given Koiki a new lease of life and they both enjoy each others company.  Best wishes for the season. Peter "





Kangablue Calamity Jane

Owner: Heather - VIC



"Dear Jenni, Thank you for sending the pedigree. She is a good pup and doing so well. She likes to follow me into the horse paddocks while I clean up but when a horse wanders over she knows what out means. She is very quick to learn and she remembers.  Best wishes Heather."







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Bacchus Marsh, VIC, Australia
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